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Regulating valve failure action
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Valve no action
The reason: There is no gas supply or insufficient pressure gas source; Actuator fault leak; regulating valve no output signal; supply pipe breakage, deformation, damage joints leak; the flow direction is not correct, with excessive force, the valve off, off bar; high-temperature parts trim stuck, damaged. Solutions: Check the gas supply, the disintegration check valve, reconfigure gap shaft and sleeve, recalibrate the direction of repair.
Valve can not reach the rated stroke
Reason: no calibration locator, improper stroke adjustment; actuator spring rating is too small; manual mechanism allowed limit position. Solutions: calibration fixture, replace the spring.
Valve slow movements or slow
Reason: packing friction, deterioration of aging: piston actuator friction is too large; large bearing friction. Solutions: Replacement Repair, re-adjust the damaged parts or cleaning grinding cylinder and piston

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